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Big-worth is a manufacturer of solar sensor lights, listening to the voice of the market and customers for a long time to continuously improve products, and strive to achieve “ENERGY SAVING, ECONOMICAL, EFFICIENT AND AFFORDABLE”.

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Big-worth Solar Sensor Light

Considering the different needs of different customers for lighting and their differences in economics, our solar sensor lights are classified into basic series and high-performance series. The basic series of solar sensor lights have met the needs of most customers and can provide excellent lighting while ensuring affordable prices. The high-performance series of solar sensor lights have made slight changes in appearance, shape, and style, and at the same time, the materials used and the solar panels implanted have been upgraded.

Bigworth Solar Sensor Light

Item Weight: ‎1.9 pounds

Size: ‎9.17*4.88*4.09 inches

Voltage: ‎5 Volts

Bigworth Solar Sensor Light

Item Weight: 3.79 Pounds

Luminous Flux: ‎2000 Lumen

Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer battery.

Bigworth Solar Sensor Light

Item Weight: 1.21 pounds

Size: 7.7*6.1*7.5 inches

Color Temperature: 6500 Kelvin

Bigworth Solar Sensor Light

Item Weight: 6.3 ounces

Size: 4.4 x 2.3 x 4.2 inches

Voltage: 5.5 Volts

Bigworth Solar Sensor Light

Item Weight: 1.43 pounds

Size: 4.92*3.77*1.96 inches

Wattage: 1 Watt

Bigworth Solar Sensor Light

Item Weight: 14.4 ounces

Size: 5.8*4.2*1 inches

Batteries: 1 AA batteries required.

bigworth-solar security lights outdoor

Material: SS & ABS & PC
Product Size: 22*20*10cm
Solar Panel: Polycrystal 5V 200mA

bigworth-solar security lights outdoor

Material: SS & ABS & PC
Product Size: 24.6*10.8*13cm
Solar Panel: Polycrystal 5V 200mA

bigworth-solar security lights outdoor

Material: ABS & PP & PS
Product Size: 16.2*11.3*12cm
Solar Panel: Amorphous 82x82mm 5V

bigworth-solar security lights outdoor

Material: ABS & Glass
Product Size: 19.8*15*20.8cm
Solar Panel: Polycrystal 5V 200mA

bigworth-solar security lights outdoor

Material: ABS & PS
Product Size: 20*9.8*27.8cm
Solar Panel: Amorphous 50x80mm 5V

bigworth-solar security lights outdoor

Material: SS & ABS & PC
Product Size: 12.3*9.2*12.8cm
Solar Panel: Polycrystal 5V 80mA

Production Capacity (4)

  • bigworth-solar security lights outdoor

    Our solar lamp R&D team is full of talent and keeps up with the trend of the times. While focusing on productivity, we are also constantly researching new product development – just for the category of solar sensor lamps, we have developed more than 100 kinds, multi-directional, Multi-dimensional, and multi-level to meet customer needs. We are not static, meanwhile, we also welcome custom designs.


    We have a real solar lamp factory with a clear factory layout, including multiple workshops, such as raw material workshop, injection molding workshop, assembly workshop, testing workshop, packaging workshop, etc. In addition, in the past more than ten years, we have established good cooperative relations with importers/wholesalers from all over the world, and some of our partners have visited our factory and expressed their satisfaction.


    Only producing high-quality solar lamp products is our consistent tenet. We will test and inspect the products in turn at every time point and every step of production to screen high-quality solar lights and eliminate low-quality ones. As a result, we have obtained many necessary certificates and qualifications, such as CE, ROHS, and so on. This is also the main reason why our solar lights can be exported all over the world.

  • bigworth solar light

    It is not difficult to find that the solar lights produced by manufacturers on the market are all the same. However, we have many patents on many key research and development products such as solar sensor lights, rattan lanterns, and solar candle lanterns, including utility patents and design patents, which also makes our solar lights more unique. We are proud to say that we can give customers a unique shopping experience.

Solar Motion Sensor Lights Has Been A Trend

With electricity prices and living environmental pressures soaring rapidly, solar sensor lights have grown in popularity over the past 5 years, and the trend is even continuing. The reason is that solar motion sensor lights are not inferior to other types of lights in terms of brightness, are also very easy to install, and most importantly, have no operating costs. While reducing the burden of life for users, it is also the best choice for gift-giving.

bigworth solar light
bigworth-solar security lights outdoor

How To Choose Solar Motion Sensor Lights

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a solar motion sensor light. The first is the type of bulb. There are many types of light bulbs, including LED bulbs, incandescent and fluorescent lights, and more. Among them, the life of LED bulbs is longer than other types of bulbs, but the cost is also higher, so they have their own advantages and disadvantages. The second is the range of illumination. If you want to illuminate a large area of space, you can choose a floodlight-type sensor light. If you want to gather light on an object, you can choose a spotlight-type sensor light. The last is the sensor lighting mode. Generally, sensor lights on the market have multiple working modes, and users can choose according to their specific needs for lighting.

Customer Reviews About Solar Sensor Lights

bigworth-solar security lights Customer Reviews

These solar motion sensor lights really amaze me. They’re much brighter than I expected, and they’re super easy to install. Since my parents have no lights behind their house, I am constantly worried about the safety of their night walks. So I installed these sensor lights on stairs, driveways, yards, and steps. They are very sensitive to motion, which greatly increases the safety of my parents’ home. Most importantly, they are 0 maintenance and the price makes me very satisfied!

bigworth-solar security lights Customer Reviews

I bought these solar security lights to reduce electricity usage and they are very satisfying. Although they are small in size, the light range is large enough. I installed them in front of the walkway, under windows, and on the side of the house. They turn on automatically when there is movement, and turn off again when the surroundings are quiet. They are very good quality products.

bigworth-solar security lights Customer Reviews

These solar security lights are the brightest of all I’ve ever purchased. When installing I put them low and realized after a while it was too bright and it was a burden on my eyes so I installed them higher and they lit up almost my entire patio. I would recommend this solar security light to everyone around me because it’s worth it.

bigworth-solar security lights Customer Reviews

I’ve had these solar sensor lights on my driveway for 3 years and I haven’t had to maintain them the whole time, yet they light up my driveway every night. Even my dad was amazed at these sensor lights and he wanted to install a few for his backyard, and I said yes right away. This is really a great sensor light.

bigworth-solar security lights outdoor
Focus On Solar Motion Sensor Light Manufacturing

EFFICIENT: multiple lighting modes, suitable for multiple scenes
CONVENIENT: No need for construction and wiring, and the installation is clear at a glance
SAFE: high-quality LED bulbs, longer life, more economical
ECO-FRIENDLY: recyclable materials, 100% solar energy, zero pollution to the environment

Can I mount these solar sensor lights on a fence?

Sure, but pay attention to whether the area receives sunlight, which directly affects whether the sensor light will work better for you.

Maybe these solar security lights can detect small animals like raccoons, weasels, foxes, etc.

Absolutely, once they detect movement, they will quickly turn on the lights, which also prevents small animals from approaching, thus ensuring the safety of your living environment.

Do solar security lights really work?

Of course, they can actually completely replace the equivalent mains lights, saving you energy and hard-earned money. Today, as energy costs increase, there are benefits to switching to solar-powered security lighting.

Will these solar motion sensor lights keep working in the rain?

Don’t worry, they are all professionally tested and fully waterproof, these solar sensor lights will work even in heavy rain.

Can I clean the solar panels of these security lights myself?

For best results and to make sure you don’t scratch your solar panels in any way, simply clean off dirt and debris with water and a soft, non-abrasive sponge or cloth.

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