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As a professional solar garden light manufacturer, Big-worth can provide you with high-quality solar garden lights at competitive prices.

  • More than 10 years of experience in the production of solar garden lights
  • CE, RoHS, IP44, IP55 Certification
  • Support Brand Customization
  • Super Long Life, Green and Environmental Protection
  • Intimate After-sales, Rest Assured to Buy

Big-worth Solar Garden Light

Solar garden lights can not only be used for decoration, but also have strong practicality. They are suitable for use as security lighting, providing you with safety when walking down the aisle or walking at night. It can also be beautifully arranged to give your garden, porch or backyard a hazy and wonderful feel, as a gorgeous backdrop for your revelry or party at any time.

bigworth solar garden light

ITEM WEIGHT:2.2 pounds
BATTERY:1  AAA batteries required
SIZE:2.36*2.36*9.45 inches

bigworth solar garden light

ITEM WEIGHT:2.77 pounds
BATTERY:1  AA batteries required. (included)
SIZE:12.2*4.73*8.66 inches

bigworth solar garden light

ITEM WEIGHT:14 ounces
BATTERY:1 CR2 batteries required. (included)
SIZE:7.83*5.87*4.76 inches

bigworth solar garden light

ITEM WEIGHT: 2 pounds
COLOR: Warm white
SIZE:‎ 3*3*15 inches

bigworth solar garden light

ITEM WEIGHT:1.5 pounds
BATTERY:1  AAA batteries required. (included)
SIZE:3*3*15 inches

bigworth solar garden light

ITEM WEIGHT:3.1 pounds
BATTERY:2 AA batteries required. (included)
SIZE:7.09*13.39*13.39 inches

bigworth solar garden light

ITEM WEIGHT:2 pounds
BATTERY:1 AA batteries required. (included)
SIZE:3*3*15 inches

bigworth solar garden light

ITEM WEIGHT:3.45 pounds
COLOR:Warm white (like yellow)
SIZE:4.72*4.92*5.2 inches

bigworth solar garden light

ITEM WEIGHT:3.47 pounds
BATTERY:‎1 AA batteries required. (included)
SIZE:4.92*4.92*5.51 inches

Product Qualification Certificate (4)

  • Bigworth Product Qualification Certificate

    Our products have passed the CE certification of the SGS organization as early as 2013, so that customers can have absolute confidence in the safety performance and export of our products.

  • Bigworth Product Qualification Certificate

    Our products also have the RoHS certificate recognized by the SGS agency, so they can be used with confidence, they are harmless to human health and very friendly to the environment.

  • Reach Logo

    Our products have the certificate of Reach, and the chemical components contained in them are strictly controlled, which fully meets the environmental protection requirements of the European Union.

  • ip44,ip55

    Our products also have relevant certificates such as IP44 and IP55, which greatly improve their service life while being waterproof and dustproof. They are also economical and environmentally friendly.

Wide Application Field

The application field of solar garden lights is very wide, whether it is the

decoration of scenic spots, the lighting of roads, or the landscaping of residential

areas, and the decoration of gardens, it can meet people’s needs.

Bigworth Solar Garden Light-Wide application field
Attentive after-sales service of Bigworth

Attentive After-sales Service

Our after-sale service is very considerate. Customers can contact us if they have

any questions within one year after receiving the product, and will get a reply

within 10 hours. In addition, we regularly ask our customers about our

satisfaction and improve our service levels accordingly.

Production Capacity

Big-worth Solar Light Battery Test
Big-worth Solar Light Battery Assembling

In all steps in the production of solar lamps, the operational testing and assembly of batteries are of particular importance. In order to ensure that the solar lights that arrive in the hands of customers can be illuminated and work normally, our work team will conduct battery tests, screen out faulty batteries, and assemble the intact batteries.

Customer Reviews About Solar Garden Lights

bigworth customer

Big-worth is a trustworthy Chinese company. The quality of the product is very good, it has been used for almost two years, the solar garden light is still working normally, and the lighting has not changed in any way.

bigworth customer

I am in order to decorate the garden, I have to say, because the solar garden lights I purchased make my garden bright and stylish, I often hold parties in the garden at night with my friends.

bigworth customer

Solar garden lights are indeed environmentally friendly and energy-saving. I once did not know how to choose and buy them. The staff of Big-worth gave me patient analysis and answers, and I am very grateful to them.

bigworth image
Focus On Solar Garden Light Manufacturing

We utilize the finest materials and uphold our standard of excellence throughout every aspect of our light fixtures until delivered to you. Every quality-control check, test, and rework is done to deliver the best product available, and better serve you.

How to choose the best and most suitable solar garden light?

Big-worth will recommend the related hot-selling products according to the sales area, which are in large demand and can be shipped quickly.

​What are the main types of solar panels and batteries used in solar garden lights?

According to different types of products, solar panels are divided into polycrystalline solar panels and monocrystalline solar panels, and the batteries are mainly lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Why is there a difference in prices for solar garden lights of the same model?

In order to better target different markets, in addition to providing conventional configuration solutions, Big-worth will also provide economic models to control costs and increase price competitiveness by optimizing solar panels, batteries, and housing materials.

Can you do customization?

Big-worth has a strong supply chain system that can support customized products. Please send the required products to our sales staff for consultation.

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