• Bigworth solar sensor light
  • Bigworth solar sensor light
  • Bigworth solar sensor light
  • Bigworth solar sensor light
  • Bigworth solar sensor light
  • Bigworth solar sensor light
  • Bigworth solar sensor light
  • Bigworth solar sensor light
  • Bigworth solar sensor light
  • Bigworth solar sensor light

Solar Sensor Light

Model Number:BW-SEN-5008
Item Weight:‎1 Pound
Wattage:3 Watts
Voltage:3.7 Volts
Batteries:1 Lithium Ion battery required. (included)
Power Source:‎Solar Powered

Three Optional Lighting Modes

The Big-worth Outdoor Solar Light has three selectable lighting modes that you can adjust to suit your needs.
Dim Light Sensor Mode(Recommend): The light turns on automatically at dusk and keeps glowing faintly, but when motion is detected, it lights up brightly, and returns to a dim light when the motion stops.
Sensor Mode: The light is off, but once motion is sensed, it glows super brightly. The movement disappears, it goes out again.
Strong Light Mode: The strong light stays on for 2 hours and automatically switches to Mode 1.
If you choose mode 1, it could continue keep working 2-3 nights usually.
(Trigger frequency would be around 60 times per night)
If you choose mode 3, it could keep working for 6 hours.

Bigworth solar sensor light

Light Fixture Form: Sconce
Mounting Type: ‎Wall Mount
Light Source Type: ‎LED
LED Quantity: 48 LED
Luminous Flux: 800 Lumen
Color Temperature: Cool White, 6500 Kelvin
Coverage: 500 sq.ft
Rechargeable Battery: 3.7V 2200mAh
Average Battery Life: 5 Years
Recharge Time: 6 hours
Working Time: ≥12 hrs
Special Feature: ‎Energy Efficient, Waterproof, Motion Sensor
Motion Sensor: up to 26 feet and 120 degree detection range

Efficient Solar Panels and Motion Sensors

The PIR motion sensor is very sensitive, It can keep your home secure when strangers approach, The trigger range is 10-26 feet, The recommended installation height is 6-14 feet. Besides, Big-worth solar sensor lamp has a built-in 2200mAh li-on phosphate battery and a 6V 2.5W PET laminated solar panel with a conversion rate of 20% and more efficient charging.

Bigworth solar sensor light
Bigworth solar sensor light

Easy Installation and Waterproof

Installation is very simple. It can be fastened anywhere with just two screws. And it’s very flexible, you can easily change the angle. Since it is completely solar powered – no wiring required. So you can mount it inches away from the building so the solar panels don’t have gutters and overhangs and get better lighting. Best of all, it is made of high-strength ABS durable material with a waterproof rating of IP65, which can withstand extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail, etc.


-Be sure that the solar light is placed such that it will not be in shade during the day and face to south is better.
-Charge the solar light for 6-8 hours under the sunshine before first using.
-The motion sensor solar light is an ideal choice for outdoor environment, like fence, patio, deck, yard, garden, step and other outdoor places.

Bigworth solar sensor light
How sturdy is this in windy locations? Does it lock into position/angles?

It is very sturdy even in windy places and it can be locked in different positions and angles.

Does the battery charge during cloudy day or rainy day?

It can be charged on cloudy or rainy days, but the efficiency will be very low.

Where is the photocell located on the product?

Inside the solar panel.

What is the lumens rating?

About 600 Lumens.

Is the battery replaceable?

Sorry, the battery is not replaceable.

Do these work in sub zero temps?

Yes, it can work at Fahrenheit temperatures between 0℉ and -68 ℉, but the battery’s charge and discharge efficiency will be compromised.

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