• Bigworth pvc lantern
  • Bigworth pvc lantern
  • Bigworth pvc lantern
  • Bigworth pvc lantern
  • Bigworth pvc lantern
  • Bigworth pvc lantern
  • Bigworth pvc lantern
  • Bigworth pvc lantern
  • Bigworth pvc lantern
  • Bigworth pvc lantern

PVC Lantern

Model Number:BW-PLN-4007
Item Weight:3.4 pounds
Voltage:‎1.2 Volts
Size:16.1*10.7*5.8 inches
Batteries:1 AA batteries required. (included)
Type of Bulb:‎LED

Classic and Beautiful Decorative

This lantern was formed by 20 LED, it seams like a vivid flickering fire inside of the lantern when it is working. The light will much brighter than normal lantern. Flameless and smokeless fire is safe and can light for long time. The outdoor decorative solar candle lantern, great idea for the tabletop, shelf, stairs, pathway, wall, patio, porch etc.

Bigworth pvc lantern

High-Quality Lantern

This outdoor hanging lantern has a hook that allows you to hang them on a tree or wall. Of course, you can also place it directly on the table, on the dresser. In addition, its tempered glass plate is processed by a special high temperature machine. It is very sturdy and can reduce the damage of the lantern during transportation or daily use.

Bigworth pvc lantern
Bigworth pvc lantern

Energy- Saving

This fire candle light is powered by solar energy, it is equipped with a powerful solar panel and rechargeable NI-CD battery, so it charges more efficiently. Just place it in the sun, and after 6 hours of charging, it can stay on for 8 hours, brightening your nights. To a certain extent, it will save you a lot of electricity bills.

Waterproof & Durable

Not only can this lantern create an antique style, it is an attractive home decoration for weddings, parties, Halloween and Christmas, but it can also be used outdoors with confidence as it is waterproof and weather resistant. No need to worry about rain or snow. Even in bad weather, it will continue to work properly.

Bigworth pvc lantern

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Will they keep working in my garden for a long time? Should I bring them back indoors on rainy days?

There is no need for this. They work well even in the rain, they are water resistant and you don’t have to worry about rain seeping in at all.

Is the "clip" or "close pin/grasp" removable? Would like to hang on shepherds hook. Will it work on shepherds hook or is it to big?

Yes, you can remove the hook from the lantern and slide the clip off the hanger. It’s not very large and suitable for the shepherds hook.

Do I remove the clear plastic square on top of lantern?

Yes, please remove the clear plastic square on top of lantern before use and it is better to charge at least 6 hours before first use.

Why does it say it needs AA batteries if it is solar powered?

The lantern including the rechargeable battery, no need the AA batteries.

How tall are these lanterns?

10 inch high, without the hook and clip.

How long can they keep lighting up?

This depends on factors such as sunlight intensity, weather conditions and geographic location. In general, a day’s charge can last eight hours.

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