• Bigworth Solar Floating Lights
  • Bigworth Solar Floating Lights
  • Bigworth Solar Floating Lights
  • Bigworth Solar Floating Lights
  • Bigworth Solar Floating Lights
  • Bigworth Solar Floating Lights
  • Bigworth Solar Floating Lights
  • Bigworth Solar Floating Lights
  • Bigworth Solar Floating Lights
  • Bigworth Solar Floating Lights

Solar Floating Light

Model Number:BW-PSL-3042
Material:Polyvinyl Chloride
Shade Material:Polycarbonate
Size:3.94″L x 3.94″W x 1.97″H
Item Weight:7 ounces
Voltage:1.2 Volts
Power Source:Solar Powered


1. In the first step, find the back cover of the control box on the back of the bigger leaves and turn it counterclockwise, and turn the switch on.
2. Next, turn the cap clockwise to tighten.
3. Place the solar lotus floating lights on the places you need to decorate, such as fountains, swimming pools, etc. At the same time, you need to ensure that the solar panels are not blocked and can fully contact and absorb sunlight.
4. The solar lotus floating light will be charged during the day and automatically light up at night.

Bigworth Solar Floating Lights

Charging Time: ≥8 Hours
Working Time: 10-12 Hours
Light Source Type: ‎LED
LED: 1 pc Red, 1 pc Green, 1 pc Blue
Solar Panel: 2V/100mA, 2.86 in
Rechargeable Battery: 1 pc of Ni-MH AA type 1.2V/400mAh
Lotus Flowers: EVA, 1 pc red, 1 pc purple, 1 pc white
Finish Types: ‎Lacquered
Special Features: Water Resistant
Specific Uses: ‎Perfect to decorate the ponds, pool, fountain or other water feature

Energy-efficient & Long-life

This solar lotus floating light cleverly combines LEDs with lotus leaves and lotus flowers to become a unique and perfect decorative landscape light. It is not only beautiful, but also easy to use, energy saving and environmentally friendly. Built-in solar panels absorb solar energy during the day and convert it into electricity for lighting at night. The charging time is only 8 hours, and it will continue to accompany you at night. In addition, the solar lotus floating lamp has a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, which is economical and the best choice for lighting.

Bigworth Solar Floating Lights
Bigworth Solar Floating Lights


1. Since the power of the solar panel of the floating light completely depends on the sunlight, its working lighting time is affected by factors such as weather conditions, seasonal changes, geographical location and so on.
2. The floating light can be charged only when the switch is turned on.
3. Be sure to tighten the back cover to prevent water from entering the float lamp.
4. Do not knock the solar floating light to avoid irreversible damage.
5. Since this light is mostly used by the waterscape, do not let the children play near it to avoid the accident of falling into the water.

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How long can they stay lit at night?

After a full eight hours of charging during the day, the lights illuminate for up to 12 hours at night.

What size are the solar panels?

2V/100mA, 2.86 inches.

Do they have to be used in the pool?

They can also be placed on lawns, patios, and gardens for decoration, but be careful to allow the solar panels to get enough sunlight.

What does the package include?

Three solar lotus floating lights, white, purple, red.

What material is it made of?

Polyvinyl Chloride.

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